Enjoy like in the beach house – at your pitch at Park Camping Lindau. To enjoy the delicious food of the Strandhaus, you as a guest of Park Camping Lindau do not have to set foot in front of your camper since this year! Because with the electric Strandhaus-Kart, the Strandhaus delivers your favorite dishes directly to your pitch – for real restaurant enjoyment despite Corona.

Avoid waste together

The biggest difference to conventional take-away? Instead of cardboard boxes and plastic bags, the food at CAMP&DINE is served on regular restaurant tableware and delivered in a reusable thermo box. This is good for the environment, looks nice and ensures the best taste experience. Because even the cutlery is included, you don’t have to wash anything – a real luxury on a camping vacation! When you’re done eating, simply put the dishes and cutlery back in the box and leave it outside your camper until 9pm. The STRANDHAUS will then automatically pick up the box and transport it back to the restaurant.

Simply delicious as in the restaurant

Just like on the regular menu of the STRANDHAUS, you can put together your own dishes at CAMP&DINE. Combine exciting side dishes, homemade sauces and our high-quality, regional meat to create your favorite dish! If you feel like tasting your way through the culinary STRANDHAUS world, the CAMP&DINE barbecue plate offers various specialties from the barbecue smoker. And because the delivery routes are particularly short, the food tastes just as good as in our restaurant!

From July on, the BBQ buffet will start in the STRANDHAUS. Therefore, only BBQ Plates will be delivered on Fridays.

Safety without compromise

The covid virus has no chance. Therefore, not only all the dishes and cutlery, but also the thermobox is cleaned at 90° after each use. The order and delivery is done in compliance with all hygiene rules. In addition, the food is consumed in your own camper – this means maximum safety with the best comfort.

How it works

  • you will receive your CAMP&DINE order form at the reception upon your arrival or at any time in the grocery store and restaurant.
  • put together your desired dish of meat, side dishes and sauces – whatever you feel like. By the way, there is also something for vegetarians!
  • bring your order to the “Strandkorb” store – for example, first thing in the morning when you buy your rolls. To speed up delivery in the evening, you can pay directly at the time of ordering in cash or contactless with a card.
  • the STRANDHAUS team delivers your food with their “Mario” cart at your desired time to your pitch and picks up the used dishes including thermo box afterwards.
  • Tuesday & Wednesday the “Mario-Kart” is closed.

Enjoy your meal!

The STRANDHAUS can deliver 30 boxes per evening – so please order in advance! The minimum order value is 30 Euro.