Lindau Tourismus und Kongress GmbH welcomes all camping guests and wishes a comfortable stay at Park-Camping Lindau. Our aim is to make your vacations at our campsite as pleasurable as possible. In order to achieve this, there are a few points to be observed so that all camping guests can enjoy every day at the campsite.

1. On the day of arrival the rented pitch is at your unrestricted disposal from 13:00 o’clock and on the day of departure until 11:00 o’clock. Please respect the pitch limits.

2. Register immediately upon arrival at the reception. To ensure a correct registration, we need a valid identity card or passport.

3. Day visitors must be registered at the reception before their arrival. One day visit is free of charge.

4. If the departure time is after 11:00 a.m., a corresponding fee will be charged.

5. Walking speed is valid on the whole campsite. The vehicle is to be moved only during arrival and departure or for day trips, trips within the campsite are prohibited. Especially during the night rest (22:30 – 7:00) moving the car is not allowed.

6. During the night rest from 22:30 o’clock to 7:00 o’clock you have to take care of silence and do not bother other campers with loud music and noise. Be considerate of each other.

7. Cleanliness and order are very important to us. Therefore, the sanitary facilities are to be kept clean at all times. Children under the age of 6 are only allowed to use the facilities when accompanied by an authorized supervisor. Furthermore, the pitch you have rented must be kept tidy and clean.

8. Unnecessary water consumption is to be avoided. Water is precious, please be mindful of this.

9. Waste water is to be collected in a container provided for this purpose. The emptying has to be done in the sanitary station provided for this purpose. Disposal into the ground and direct sewerage is prohibited.

10. Garbage must be properly separated and disposed of at the recycling station.

11. Barbecue is allowed in a designated barbecue on your own pitch. Disposable barbecues, open fireplaces e.g. fire bowls, bonfires, fireworks are prohibited on the entire campsite area for safety reasons. Strong smoke and odor nuisance are to be avoided.

12. Dogs must be kept on a leash on the entire campsite. The dog owner has to take care that his dog leaves the common area to defecate. Without exception, poop must be picked up and disposed of properly. Dogs are not allowed to bathe in the ground lake or to enter the sanitary buildings.

13. Commercial transactions and sales are forbidden on the campsite.

14. The administration is entitled to exercise the domiciliary rights.


Status: January 2021