Satisfied guests and an intact environment – that is important to us! Therefore, we are committed to more sustainability in camping tourism and want to make our contribution to safeguarding the livelihoods of current and future generations. Compliance with legal regulations is a matter of course for us.



Our contribution

The topic of sustainability is of great concern to us, which is why we have let ourselves be closely scrutinized by Ecocamping on site and received the Ecocamping award. For this purpose, measures for improvement are planned individually and represent the basis for the further operational development of Park-Camping Lindau in the coming years. Other requirements such as the training and participation of employees, the recording of waste, energy and water consumption and the preparation of an Ecocamping report are fixed components of the system.

But you can also contribute to environmental and climate protection! A camping vacation has a better ecological and CO2 balance than a long-distance trip with hotel accommodation. You can improve the balance even more and save your travel budget at the same time. A few tips:

  • Regional and seasonal products taste more like a vacation and shorten transport distances
  • If possible, heat and cook with gas instead of electricity
  • Be careful with hot water – it takes a lot of energy to heat water
  • Turn off the heating and air conditioning when you leave your accommodation or open the windows for a long time
  • Use the on-site separation systems for your waste – your host will thank you for it
  • Do not use Blue Angel sanitary additives in your camping toilet, or use only sanitary additives that are compatible with sewage treatment plants.
  • Give waste water only in intended spouts
  • Use the bike or public transport for local excursions
  • Help preserve nature by following rules of conduct in protected areas
  • Support climate protection projects by offsetting CO2 generated during travel to and from the event

And last but not least: Enjoy your vacation!


What we want to achieve

  • Using energy efficiently
  • Promote sustainable and nature-compatible energy production
  • Keep the air clean
  • Avoid pollution of soils and waters
  • Use water economically
  • Avoid waste and optimize material cycles
  • Design the plant in a nature-friendly way and promote biodiversity
  • Consider nature and the environment in recreational activities
  • Promote a soft mobility
  • Prefer products and service providers from the region
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning and avoid hazardous substances

What we already do

  • professional tree care
  • Waste separation
  • Solar thermal system
  • Member ECO-Camping (training of employees)
  • Store “Strandkorb” offers hot drink in re-cup mug
  • LED lighting
  • regional products in the store “Strandkorb
  • Deposit bottle acceptance in the store “Strandkorb
  • Book exchange shelf and game collection for lending
  • Workwear comes from sustainably committed manufacturers and suppliers from the region
  • Recycled paper for office supplies