Of course, Lindau also shows its most beautiful side under a bright blue sky, but sometimes you can experience the city cool, fresh and shrouded in a mysterious fog: Lindau offers fascinating impressions and exciting activities in any weather – boredom is simply not our thing. To help you plan better, we offer here a reliable weather forecast for the next two days. The displayed min/max temperatures represent average values that are updated regularly.

Lindau in spring

The air is fresh and healthy. The first spring flowers are sprouting in the meadows. And towards the end of April, the fruit trees begin to blossom again. At this time of year, you can experience the fascinating awakening of nature around Lake Constance. From May on, the temperatures rise significantly and offer ideal conditions for long walks along the lakeshore as well as for bike tours and mountain hikes.


Lindau in summer

The best weather for swimming and for all activities around Lake Constance is offered by the months of July and August with average temperatures around 24 °C. Occasionally, summer thunderstorms can occur in the mountainous region, and the so-called “Föhnstrum” causes strong swells, especially on the eastern shore of Lake Constance. As soon as the weather clears up again, you can enjoy a unique distant view that sometimes makes the Swiss lakeshore seem very close.

Lindau in autumn

Summer lingers in the Lindau area for a long time before autumn slowly arrives in October with mild temperatures. The fascinating yellow-golden color splendor of the old trees in the Lindenhofpark should not be missed at this time of year. Another tip: Get up early in autumn and admire the fog on the lake after sunrise!

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