Are you sitting at home and have wanderlust? Do you miss Lindau and Lake Constance? With our webcam you are always close to your favorite place – from anywhere in the world, around the clock. Why not watch the romantic sunset over the lake from your desk at home? And look forward to your next vacation.

Romantic sunset over the park camping

You will soon be able to see live pictures from Park-Camping Lindau on Lake Constance here.

Even if you are not on site with us at the moment, we will always stay connected to you. Come and visit us from time to time, wherever you may be. Our webcam will soon give you current impressions of life at Lake Constance at any time.

Webcam Park-Camping

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Unique view of lion and lighthouse

You miss the world famous harbor entrance with Bavarian Lion and lighthouse or want to see the sunrise over the PfÀnder or enjoy the sunset at Lake Constance? Our webcam on the island of Lindau is always there for you. Wherever you are, here are impressions in real time.

From the buildings on the eastern shore of the harbor basin to the harbor itself and far beyond Lake Constance, the view of our state-of-the-art webcam extends. But not only the wide angle, but also the depth of field is impressive: On clear days, you can get very close to Bregenz in Austria as well as the PfÀnder and the SÀntis in Switzerland!