You want to start your Lindau day in the best possible way? Then the island is the perfect starting point. The best way to start is with a little refreshment. Our recommendation? A delicious breakfast in one of the numerous cafés, in a traditional bakery or directly on the lakeshore with a view over the whole lake.

Freshly starched into the day

To start your day in Lindau, the island is the ideal starting point. Of course, the best way to start a long day of excursions is with a little refreshment: a delicious breakfast in one of the numerous cafes, in a traditional bakery, or nevertheless with a picnic basket directly on the shore of the lake.

When you then start your tour, you will discover the most significant sights of Lindau Island. Our tour guide serves as a small orientation aid and describes all the highlights. Would you like to make a small stopover? Then a short visit to the Lindau Art Museum is worthwhile, which presents works of contemporary art in ever-changing exhibitions from April to October.

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Lindauer Walking tour guide

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Public guided tours

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Art Museum Lindau

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Boat trip on the lake

You have explored the picturesque alleys, all the historic buildings and the harbor promenade? Then it’s time to see the island from the water. From the Lindau harbor, you can go directly on board the White Fleet and take a boat trip. You can also get on board at the casino of the Bavarian Casino Lindau. From the beginning of April, the ships depart daily for a 1 to 1½-hour round trip.

Garden city Lindau

You are back on land? Then continue by bus on the Lindau mainland. From Lindau main station, you can take bus line 1 or 2 to the central transfer point (ZUP) and change there to line 4 in the direction of Alwind to the Ebnet stop. From this stop, it is about a 4-minute walk to the Lindenhof Park. This beautiful historical and spacious park invites you to relax and enjoy the unique lake view. Worthwhile is a detour to the museum “friedens räume” in the east wing of Villa Lindenhof. By touching, listening and doing their own activities, visitors can engage with the themes of peace and justice there. If you still have some time, we recommend a detour to one of the magnificent historic villas. From the terrace of the Bad Schachen Hotel, you can also enjoy a special view of the island while sipping a cup of tea.

Lindau in the evening

After a short detour to the Lindau mainland, you will return to the island by bus or on foot. You are thinking about how to spend the evening in Lindau? As a highlight, we recommend a visit to the Lindau Marionette Opera in the city theater at Fischergasse 37. If there is a performance that evening, you should look for a restaurant for dinner around 6:00 p.m. at the latest. For this purpose, one of the restaurants near Maximilianstraße or on the harbor promenade is a good choice.

Lindau offers of course much more, but in one day it is hardly possible to discover more of the city. Just working off this list should be more than enough for the few hours. Afterwards, however, you deserve to end the evening with a nightcap, for example at the wine tavern “Zur Fischerin” at Ludwigstraße 50, at one of the hotel bars or at the Bar Barista on the market square.