You become ill before arriving at Park-Camping Lindau? A relative has an accident? You are affected by a dismissal for operational reasons? Due to a car breakdown during or shortly before your journey to Lindau you arrive late? Take precautions already now and have a safe vacation.

Cancellation insurance through our service partners

We cannot compensate you for the lost vacation enjoyment at Park-Camping Lindau, but we can compensate you for possible financial damages. ERV, our partner in travel insurance, will cover your financial risk of cancellation or delayed departure for an insured reason for as little as 6.00 €.

The cancellation insurance offers you protection not only in the event of cancellation, but also in the event of an unexpected interruption of the trip. In this case, ERGO will pay the costs for the unused days of your stay. This means you are optimally protected financially before and during the trip. Damage to on-site equipment or furniture is also insured.

The plus in insurance

The CancellationPlus insurance offers even more: In addition to the benefits of the cancellation insurance, it also includes medical evacuation with emergency medical assistance (not covered by statutory health insurance), luggage insurance and bicycle protection.

Take precautions and book the travel protection directly together with your pitch. You are also welcome to take out travel protection at a later date.



Comprehensive supplementary protection Covid-19

You can book supplementary cover Covid-19 in combination with cancellation and CancellationPlus insurance from ERGO Travel Insurance. The supplementary cover Covid-19 includes the following insurance cover in case of:

  • Personal and individually ordered quarantine measures if there is a suspicion of infection with Covid-19.
  • Denial of boarding e.g. airline refuses flight due to elevated temperature
  • Denial of entry e.g. border official refuses entry due to elevated temperature

If the trip cannot be completed as planned because the insured person or a risk person traveling with them is affected by a personal and individually arranged quarantine, reimbursement of additional accommodation costs up to € 1,000 per person is possible. The premium amounts to € 13.00 with deductible and applies per booking up to a maximum of nine persons.

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