Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

General information

We ask you to settle your bill on the day of departure no later than 10:30 am. Of course, we accept cash as well as EC cards, Visa and Mastercard. It is even easier by smartphone: The services Apple Pay and Google Pay are also supported by us.
Please vacate your pitch by 11:00 a.m. at the latest. A later departure is only possible by prior arrangement. If you would like to stay longer than booked, please let us know as early as possible. Otherwise your pitch might already be booked again. Should this be the case, we will of course try to offer you an alternative pitch.

We will gladly accept your reservation up to one year in advance.

At our reception you will find the right contact person for every wish and suggestion. During the vacation and summer months we are open from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm – from November to March from Monday to Friday from 08:00 am to 4:30 pm

Of course, your guests are welcome on the site. However, for security reasons, we ask you to be sure to announce your visit so that the park management can ensure at all times that only authorized persons are staying at Park-Camping Lindau.

We ask you to refrain from covering the grass on your pitch with plastic sheeting. Otherwise, the grass will not get enough oxygen and will die. Whoever arrives after you will then find only brown mud instead of lush green.

Listed dogs are generally not allowed. Please keep your dog on a short leash at all times (unfortunately, retractable leashes are not permitted). Please be sure to leave the facility for your pet’s emergency defecation. “Poo” must be properly picked up and disposed of. According to the ordinance, animals are not allowed to swim in Lake Constance at the campground.
Please also note that dogs are not allowed in the sanitary facilities. Tip: You will find the dog shower in sanitary building 3, which you may enter with your dog at any time.

Open fires are strictly prohibited on the entire site as well as on the beach! Instead, you will find a large fireplace on the public area behind the water guard hut.

You can’t do without rules, and that also applies to your vacation. So that all guests can feel comfortable with us, we ask you to observe our site rules. You can find them on the back of the site plan.

Smoking is generally allowed, but we ask for your understanding that smoking is prohibited in all sanitary facilities as well as in the recreation room. And please do not forget: Cigarette butts belong in the residual waste.

Please note our quiet hours from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm and from 10:30 pm to 7:00 am (night rest). Please refrain from noisy activities during these times and leave your car parked. The barriers at the entrance to the site do not open during the quiet hours.


In the Zech district you will find both a Catholic and a Protestant place of worship. The service times are posted in our showcases.

We gladly accept outgoing and sufficiently stamped mail daily until 18:00. Stamps and postcards are available at our reception desk and at the “Strandkorb”, your shopping market directly on the square. You will find a branch of the Deutsche Post at the Bodensee Bäckerei Zeller, Bregenzer Straße 144.

Tourist information
Telefon +49 (0) 8382 8899900
Alfred-Nobel-Platz 1
88131 Lindau im Bodensee (on the Lindau Island opposite the old central station)

At the campsite: cooking, washing & sanitation

A separate key is required for the use of the WC. You can get it for a deposit (25€) at the reception.

It is best to do your dishes in sanitary area 1 (entrance at the family tent meadow) or during the summer months also in the cooking pavilion or in sanitary building 3.

We will gladly exchange your empty gas cylinders for filled ones for you at the reception:

Description Price per unit
11 kg Steel 25,00 €
5 kg Steel 15,00 €
11 kg Aluminium 25,00 €
Camping gas 0,4 kg 16,00 €
Camping gas 1,8 kg 26,90 €
Camping gas 2,75 kg 31,00 €

Of course, barbecue is allowed with us. However, we ask for your understanding that this is only allowed with gas or electric grills. Thank you very much.

In our cooking pavilion you can prepare delicious food to your heart’s content. Four gas stoves with two plates each are at your disposal (12min / 0,20€), as well as additional facilities for washing up and sockets.

It goes without saying that cleanliness is the number one priority in our sanitary facilities. We offer individual wash cabins, washing facilities for the whole family as well as extra children’s washrooms and a dog shower.

Open around the clock
Showers with hot water free of charge
toilet paper and soap included
Sufficient power sockets available

Sanitary building 1:

Single washrooms, single shower stalls, family showers, toilets, chemical toilet, sanitary facilities especially for children, outdoor washbasins

Sanitary building 2:

Single shower stalls, toilets, disabled toilet and shower.

Sanitary building 3:

Toilets, outdoor washbasin, chemical toilet, dog shower (open only during high season in summer and therefore unheated).


Washing machine and dryer are available in the rinse room. The equipment can be used with a charged camp card. You can recharge them with cash at the designated machines (specify location?). We will be happy to assist you at the front desk.

First Aid:

If you ever need a band-aid, bandages or the like: A first aid room is located at the sanitary building 1. However, please contact the reception first, the first aid room is not freely accessible.

Hand-washing basins, washing machines and dryers can be found at the back of Sanitary Building 1.

At the campsite: waste & disposal

Gray water and feces can be disposed of in sanitary buildings 1 and 3, if necessary. The chemical toilets are located there. All rainwater drains of the Park-Camping Lindau flow directly into Lake Constance. Please do not under any circumstances dispose of your gray water there or into the ground!

The signposted collection point is located at the entrance/exit of the campsite behind the wooden shack and can be reached via the passageway at the restaurant building. Please make sure to separate your garbage carefully.

At the campsite: Services

Mmmmh … Fresh rolls for breakfast, what else? Delicious baked goods are available in the “Strandkorb” here with us on the square. In addition, you will find the bakery Zeller and the bakery Schwarz very close in the Bregenzer Straße.

If you have lost something or found something yourself, please contact us at the reception. Most things will turn up here again!
If something should have been lost on the way in Lindau, then please contact the lost property office of the city in Bregenzer Straße 12, phone: 08382-918317.

You can get power cables for a deposit (50€) at the reception, as well as CEE adapters for connection to the Euro sockets (20€ deposit). Tip: Use our free charging station for cell phones. 10 lockable compartments are designed for all common connections.

Good to know: Our power distribution boxes are fused with 10 to 16 amps. 90 percent of the energy we provide you with comes from green electricity.

Upon request, we will be happy to mow your pitch for you. Please just contact the reception.

Satellite reception is unfortunately not always optimally available due to the many beautiful trees on your park campsite. On category B pitches you will find a cable TV connection in the power box as an alternative. If you need an adapter, we will be happy to help you at the reception.

Wireless internet is of course available if the coverage is good. You will receive access data at the reception.

Have you finished reading your magazine? Just leave it at the exchange desk at our reception – and take something else with you! If you are looking for more reading material, you will find it in our small library in the lounge.

If you have opted for forwarding, the post office will usually deliver “your” newspaper to us between 11:00 and 13:00.

Activities & Excursions

Whether on foot, by bike or by public transport: We have compiled all the information on the most beautiful excursion destinations in the Lake Constance region for you. You can book popular tours directly at the Tourist Information.

Fishing permit cards for the Bavarian and Austrian shores of Lake Constance are available at the reception. Please note: Young people are only allowed to fish when accompanied by an authorized adult.

Park-Camping Lindau offers a natural beach with sunbathing lawn, a lake access including stairs with railings and a separate area for playing boules and canoeing.
For all the fun in the cool water, we ask our bathers to be considerate of others. Please also note that a bathing attendant is not permanently present. Swimming is at your own risk, as at many other bathing places on Lake Constance. We would also like to point out that dogs are not allowed in the water.

Our tip: If you are looking for a wonderful wellness experience in addition to swimming, the new Therme Lindau is the right place to go – especially if the weather doesn’t want to cooperate. In addition to the sports and family pools, guests can enjoy an extensive sauna area and the vitality pool area with saltwater pool, whirlpool, outdoor pool and much more.

You will find our field at the water guard hut in the left section of the beach. Volleyballs can be borrowed against a personal deposit (e.g. cell phone or ID card).

On Lindau Island alone you will find five providers:

Boat rental Hodrius, Am kleinen See

Boat rental Lindau, At the pier

Boat rental Daniel Sandau, Oskar-Groll-Anlage

Porto Lindau, Inselgraben 3

Sporer Yachting, Brettermarkt 7

All info about boat rental at Lake Constance as well as many other providers can be found here.

You will find everything your vacation heart desires at Lake Constance! We will be happy to help you at the reception, for example with the topic of water fun: canoes, kayaks and SUP boards can be rented directly from us.

Or you can discover the beguiling park and garden landscape of the “Bavarian Riviera”, the famous villa belt on the shore of Lindau. You should also not miss out on the rich cultural offerings: The Lindau City Museum alone presents top-class exhibitions on classical modern artists every summer.

What else you can experience in Lindau and the region, you can find here.

You can play on our soccer field at the big tent meadow – or on the sports fields in Zech and Lochau. As with all activities, we ask for mutual consideration in the interest of all.

We welcome little guests in the Pirate’s Nest! Paint, play, do handicrafts, experience adventures: During the vacations we offer childcare from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. Please register at the reception. Participation is possible from the age of four or when diapers are no longer needed.

The Parktheater on Lindau Island is looking forward to your visit. The current program is posted in our showcases or can be found at:

Two places are located right nearby: Both in Lindau (Am Aeschacher Ufer), and in Hörbranz, Austria (Lindauer Str. 58).

Does a sundial also work in rainy weather? Why are there dwellings for bats on the shores of Lake Constance? And where does all the driftwood actually come from?

Experience nature while walking or hiking – and learn a lot about the plant and animal world: Nature trails are popular with young and old. The playful combination of theory and practice is especially popular with young explorers and naturalists. Our trail leads across the entire area of the site and impressively shows what grows, thrives and blossoms here with us!

Whether with a modern e-bike or on a good old-fashioned bicycle, you can get all the information you need about cycling on Lake Constance at the reception.

The new Therme Lindau offers you nothing less than the most beautiful sauna paradise on the entire Lake Constance! The facility also includes a large sports and family pool. Of course, there is also swimming access to the lake.

The surf school Wasserburg is about 9 km away from Park-Camping Lindau. You can get more information about the offer at the reception.

There are two courts in the immediate vicinity of Park-Camping Lindau: the “Tennisfreunde Reutin e.V.” (Rickenbacher Str. 72) and the “Tennisclub Lindau” (Wackerstraße 55). We will be happy to arrange an appointment for you.

For many ball sports we are happy to lend the right equipment against a personal deposit (cell phone, ID card), for example table tennis bats, footballs and volleyballs or boules games. You can also rent canoes, kayaks, SUP boards, etc. from us (for a fee).

Canoe rental

You can rent a canoe, SUP board or kayak directly at the reception.

SUP board

1h / 15€, 3h / 30€, whole day / 45€ (per person)

Canoe and kayak (can be rented only for min. 3 hours)


3h / 20€, whole day / 30€ (each per person)


3h / 15€, whole day / 25€ (per person)

A large information board with the most beautiful routes around Lindau can be found at the passage to the Recyclables Island. Whether with the beten views, away from the hustle and bustle, with children or on long-distance trails: The best tips and tours for hiking can be found here.

If you’re a fan of the floating giants, you have to visit the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen! There you can even marvel at a walk-through replica of the legendary Hindenburg. Information on opening hours and ticket ordering is available at the reception or here.

Please make sure to carry your identity card or passport with you at all times when traveling to Austria or Switzerland.

Stores & Restaurants

Mmmmh … Fresh rolls for breakfast, what else? Delicious baked goods are available in the “Strandkorb” here with us on the square. In addition, you will find the bakery Zeller and the bakery Schwarz very close in the Bregenzer Straße.

Let flowers speak! What they have to say, you can find out at:

  • Flowers Sagawe, Bleicheweg 25
  • Messmer nursery, Poststraße 3
  • The flower room, Zitronengässele 10

You can find more suppliers at

You can find a large selection at the VAUDE store and at Adfunture Outdoor here in Lindau, and also at Fahrzeugbau Hensler in nearby Sigmarszell. You can find more info about the stores here.

With us in the “Strandkorb” directly opposite the reception you will find everything your camper heart desires! In addition, there are other shopping facilities in the immediate vicinity of the site.

You can get cash at the Sparkasse opposite the catholic church (Zechwaldstr. 19) or at Bregenzer Straße 162 (at “Rosins Imbiss”).

Fresh regional products, directly from the producer: “Hof Ganal” is known for crisp fruit and jam, but also for fine liqueurs and fruit brandies – available every Thursday here on the square! Also nearby: The “Hofladen Schweizer” (Rickenbacher Straße 125) and “Obstbau Nüberlin” in Peter-Dornier-Straße 1.

You can get the perfect cut for example at:

  • HAIRCUT by Clarissa, Leiblachstr. 4
  • Salon Verde, Rickenbacher Str. 123B
  • Hairdressing Salon Hanne, Rickenbacher Str. 30

Our tip: The grill restaurant “Strandhaus” directly at your park campsite. Here you can expect classics such as rump or fillet steaks, but also insider tips that you – so perfectly grilled to the point – have never enjoyed! The meat comes exclusively from cattle and land pigs from the region, which are kept species-appropriate. Due to high demand, we recommend making reservations.

Lindau and the region invite you to feast and enjoy in many ways. Nearby you can find the restaurant “Melbos” (mainly regional delicacies, Bregenzer Straße 193A) and the inn “Zum Zecher” (modern Swabian cuisine, Bregenzer Straße 146).

The whole variety of culinary delights in Lindau can be discovered here.


The famous lake stage is a highlight for every vacation on Lake Constance. Information about the program as well as guided tours can be found at

All current event tips can be found here.

Fascination by a thread: You should not miss a visit to the Lindau Marionette Opera. 450 marionettes – all homemade and with specially tailored clothes – bring classics from opera, operetta, ballet and drama to the stage.

Lindau’s entire, diverse and rich cultural offerings can be found hier.

Mobile on site

You can obtain the “Pickerl”, which are required for the use of most trunk roads in Austria and Switzerland, at gas stations in the area as well as directly at the border crossings.

Please make sure to always carry your identity card or passport with you on trips to Austria or Switzerland.

Our tip: Discover Lindau and the Lake Constance region with electric rental vehicles and exclusive experience offers – with “just explore Lake Constance”. You can find more information here and of course at the reception.

At the Aral service station in Lindau, Robert-Bosch-Straße 40, and at the Lindau self-service car wash, Von-Behring-Straße 1, everything will be fresh and clean again.

All information as well as tickets and schedules are available at the reception. Tip: With your guest card ECHT BODENSEE CARD the use of numerous offers of the public transport is included.

By train

The Lindau-Reutin train station (3km away), newly opened in 2021, is your connection to long-distance traffic. The nearest regional train station is just over a kilometer away, in Lochau, Austria.

By bus

The bus stop Grenzsiedlung Zech (direction Lindau) is only four minutes away on foot. Line No. 5 runs there every 30 minutes (25 and 55). On the way back, Leiblachstraße is your stop.

Click here for the city bus schedule.


We will gladly call a cab for you at the reception. Or you can book yourself, just as you like. For example with:

  • Cab Ati: +49 8382 407447 or +49 151 43217783
  • Airport Service Frey: +49 8382 2735880
  • Lake Constance Taxi Aktay: +49 8382 3550

Bikes and e-bikes can be rented by the day at the reception. For prices, please refer to the notice board on site.

Even better: You can book modern e-mobility in combination with unforgettable experiences via our service “just explore Lake Constance”. You can find more information here.

Nature & Sustainability

The topic of sustainability is of great concern to us, which is why we have let ourselves be closely scrutinized by Ecocamping on site and received the Ecocamping award. For this purpose, measures for improvement are planned individually and represent the basis for the further operational development of Park-Camping Lindau in the coming years. Other requirements such as the training and participation of employees, the recording of waste, energy and water consumption and the preparation of an Ecocamping report are fixed components of the system.

We owe the unique flair at Park-Camping Lindau to the wonderful location directly on Lake Constance and the original closeness to nature. We can all contribute to preserving it for future generations. Help us and pay attention, for example, to a careful use of resources such as electricity and water and respect designated nature reserves and quiet zones for the plants and animals!

Our power distributors are fused at 10 to 16 amps. 90 percent of the energy we provide you with comes from green electricity.

We are of course concerned with the greatest possible cleanliness. This applies especially to the beach, which we clean for you daily during the bathing season. At the same time, harmony with nature is our top priority. We therefore ask for your understanding that wood is a natural flotsam at Lake Constance that occurs in large quantities and therefore cannot always be removed completely.

Numerous rare species feel at home at Lake Constance, also in our bay! However, we ask you to refrain from feeding. Last but not least, the excrements of the animals could worsen the water quality on site as a consequence.


The nearest pharmacy is the Bahnhofs-Apotheke am Lindaupark, Bergenzer Str. 51. We always provide up-to-date information about the pharmacy emergency service via a notice at the reception. Or you can look here.

The ADAC (short code mobile: 22 22 22) or the AvD (Phone: +49 800-9909909) can help.

Should the threat of flooding arise, we will inform you promptly and be there for you. Please note: In case of emergency, the instructions of our employees must be followed without fail!

Emergency call

The medical on-call service can be reached at (+49) 116 117. In an emergency, dial 112 to alert the fire and rescue services.


Please dial 110 in case of emergency.

The weather can also change quickly at the lake. Even when there seems to be no wind, gale-force winds can occur within minutes. For this reason, more than 60 storm warning lights are installed near the shore of Lake Constance, so that the signals can be seen from everywhere on the water.
Strong winds are indicated with 40 orange flashes per second. If the lights flash faster, namely 90 times per minute, then there is even a storm danger.
For your own safety, please move to the shore immediately in the event of a strong wind. We also recommend that you secure any awnings at the campsite and take down awnings as a precaution.
If there is a risk of thunderstorms, please go to the recreation room immediately! Despite intensive tree care, risks due to branch breakage on the site cannot be completely ruled out.

On weekends, the water rescue service is usually on site to monitor bathing activities. The service hut is located at pitch no. 222. However, we would like to point out that swimming here, as at many other places on Lake Constance, is always at your own risk.