Whether by city bus, train, ferry or passenger ship: In Lindau you can reach sights, idyllic corners, shopping opportunities, cultural events or restaurants comfortably and environmentally friendly with public transport: Here you can find out how to get from A to B comfortably in and around Lindau even without your own vehicle:

Free ride with bus and train

By paying the tourist tax, you will receive the guest card Echt Bodensee Card as an overnight guest at Park-Camping Lindau. With this card you have free travel by bus and train in the entire area of the Bodensee-Oberschwaben Verkehrsverbund (bodo) and benefit from numerous advantages and discounts at around 190 excursion destinations, leisure and cultural offers at Lake Constance.




Echt Bodensee Card Travel guide

Enjoy free travel on buses and trains as well as benefits at more than 190 cultural and leisure activities in the four-country region of Lake Constance with the “Echt Bodensee Card”.


Explore the region with "just explore"

Discover Lindau and the four-country region flexibly and mobile with “just explore Bodensee”. Are you looking for a bike, e-bike or rental car? “just explore” offers bicycles, e-bikes and rental cars for rent directly at Park-Camping Lindau. All bicycles and rental cars are electric-powered and thus protect the environment at the same time. In addition to the latest e-bikes, e-cars from Mercedes-Benz and smart are rented. In addition, you can also rent normal bikes.

Through the “just explore” car rental portal, you can book your rental bike or car online here and pay immediately.

On the road in the Lindau city bus

The public buses of Stadtwerke Lindau take you quickly and easily through the entire city area. All stops are served regularly; due to the low entrance of the buses, wheelchairs and baby carriages can be transported without any problems. However, bicycles are not allowed on the buses.

In only 500 meters you can reach the bus stop “Leiblachstraße” on foot. From there you can take the bus line 5 comfortably to the island.

Thanks to the guest card Echt-Bodensee-Card you can ride the Lindau city bus for free all year round.

Comfortably from A to B by train

To explore the Lake Constance region comfortably and without traffic jams, we recommend taking the train. With the regional train you can reach all major cities on the lake: Friedrichshafen, Salem, Uhldingen and Überlingen and many more. The train station Reutin is only a few minutes away by bus from Park-Camping Lindau.

In only 500 meters you can walk from the campsite to the bus stop “Leiblachstraße”. From there you can take the bus line 5 directly to the train station Reutin (stop “Bahnhof Reutin”).


Ship ahoy!

A boat trip is probably the most beautiful option to get from one place to another, enjoying wonderful views. Moreover, on the water you will save useless kilometers and traffic jams on the road. Some ships are on the road at any time of the year – for example, the catamaran, which takes pedestrians and cyclists from Friedrichshafen to Constance in three quarters of an hour. The ferry also takes you from Meersburg to Constance and from Friedrichshafen to Romanshorn all year round.

From April to mid-October, numerous other scheduled and excursion ships populate the lake: 30 passenger ships with a total of 18,000 seats take you to the most beautiful destinations along the shore. Direct connections of the White Fleet lead from Lindau to Bregenz, Rorschach, Friedrichshafen and Meersburg, among others. Round trips of varying duration are also offered. For this you can set sail with the Bodensee Schiffsbetriebe both at the Lindau harbor and near the Lindau casino.

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